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Lunch Menu

Lunch menu available Monday - Friday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm

A * Denotes Items With Uncooked Fish

Warning: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.


Beef Gyoza$8.00

Beef Pan-Fried Dumplings Served With Dumpling Sauce.

Calamari Katsu$6.00

Fresh Calamari Battered In Panko And Deep Fried To A Golden Brown, Served With Tonkatsu Sauce.


Salted Steamed Soy Beans

Shrimp Spring Rolls$5.00

Shrimp And Vegetables In A Soft Rice Paper, Served With Sweet Chili Sauce.

Veggie Spring Rolls$5.00

Vegetables In A Soft Rice Paper, Served With Sweet Chili Sauce.

Veggie Tempura$5.00

Onions, Carrots, Mushrooms, Sweet Potatoes, And Broccoli Battered And Deep Fried, Served With Tempura Sauce.


Seasoned Filet Mignon Braised In A Soy-Based Sauce.

Shrimp Tempura$8.00

Jumbo Shrimp Battered In Tempura And Deep Fried To A Golden Brown, Served With Tempura Sauce.

Yellowtail Cheek$13.00

Best Part Of The Yellow Tail Cheek, Grilled And Topped With Eel Sauce.

Soup & Salad

Wakame Salad$5.00

Seasoned Seaweed Salad

Avocado Salad$5.00

Avocado And House Green Salad With Soho Ginger Dressing

Miso Soup$3.00

Soybean Based Soup With Tofu, Seaweed, And Scallions.

Mushroom Soup$3.00

Mushrooms And Green Onions In A Beef-Based Broth.

Soho House Rolls

Angry Dragon Roll$13.00

Shrimp Tempura And Cucumber Inside, Eel, Avocado, Spicy Mayonnaise And Eel Sauce On Top.

Dynamite Roll$13.00

Deep-Fried Roll Filled With Chopped Smoked Salmon & Shrimp, Jalapeño Slices, Cream Cheese, And Siracha Sauce. Topped With Eel Sauce And Spicy Mayo

Mango Tango Roll*$13.00

Spicy Yellowtail, Avocado, Tempura Flakes And Mango, Topped With Mango Sauce

Godzilla Roll*$13.00

Fried Soft Shell Crab Roll With Cucumber, Avocado, Tuna And Shrimp With Spicy Mayo And Eel Sauce On Top.

Happy Dragon Roll*$13.00

Shrimp Tempura And Cucumber Inside With Tuna And Avocado. Topped With Eel Sauce And Wasabi Mayo.

Hawaii Roll*$13.00

Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, Tuna, Cream Cheese, Topped With Eel Sauce And Wasabi Mayo.

Hot Roll$12.00

Thinly Sliced White Fish Tempura Battered And Deep Fried, Rolled With Spicy Mayo, Eel Sauce And Masago

JG Roll*$13.00

White Tuna, Salmon, Spicy And Wasabi Mayo, Topped With White Tuna And Salmon Spicy And Wasabi Mayo. (Jorge Gurgel)

Tiger Eye Roll$13.00

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, And Jalapeño Rolled In Seaweed, Tempura Battered And Deep Fried, Then Rolled In Soybean Paper Topped With Spicy Mayo, Eel Sauce And Masago.

Soho Chef Special Rolls

Heaven Roll$16.00

Crab, Shrimp, Cream Cheese, Avocado, Jalapeño, Topped With Salmon And Spicy Mayo, Then Baked To Perfection, Finished With Eel Sauce.

Jobu Roll*$16.00

Salmon, Yellowtail, Shrimp Tempura And Avocado Inside With Chopped Tuna On Top. Topped With Spicy Mayo, Eel Sauce And Tabiko.

King Crab Roll*$19.00

White Tuna, Yellowtail, Asparagus Wrapped In Isonari. Topped With King Crab, Jalapeño, Wasabi Mayo, Spicy Mayo, And Eel Sauce Tempura Flakes.

Mob Lobster Roll*$19.00

Tempura Lobster, Cream Cheese & Cucumber Inside With Tuna, Salmon, Avocado On Top. Topped With Eel Sauce, Wasabi Mayo And Tobiko.

Volcano Roll*$16.00

Tuna, Cream Cheese, Chopped Jalapeños Inside A Deep Fried Roll. Topped With Spicy Mayo, Eel Sauce And Spicy Crab Salad.

Lunch Teppanyaki Grill Entrees

Served With Soup, Salad, Vegetables, Steamed Or Fried Rice

Extra Sides With Entrees:
Extra House Salad 3.00 | Extra Side Fried Rice 4.00 | Extra Vegetable 4.00

Vegetable Lunch Teppanyaki $12.00

Chicken Lunch Teppanyaki $13.00

Shrimp Lunch Teppanyaki $14.00

Salmon Lunch Teppanyaki $14.00

Scallop Lunch Teppanyaki $14.00

Steak Lunch Teppanyaki $15.00

Soho Combination Teppanyaki Platter

Served With Soup, Salad, Vegetables, Steamed Or Fried Rice

Extra Sides With Entrees:
Extra House Salad 3.00 | Extra Side Fried Rice 4.00 | Extra Vegetable 4.00

Chicken And Shrimp Lunch Teppanyaki$18.00

Steak And Chicken Lunch Teppanyaki$18.00

Steak And Shrimp Lunch Teppanyaki$19.00

Steak And Salmon Lunch Teppanyaki$19.00

Salmon And Shrimp Lunch Teppanyaki$19.00

Scallop And Shrimp Lunch Teppanyaki$19.00

Scallops And Shrimp Lunch Teppanyaki$19.00

Bento Box Combo Meal

Bento Box Combo Meal$13.00

Soup: Miso

Small House Salad

Entree (Choice of Two): Chicken Teriyaki | Salmon Teriyaki | Strip Steak Teriyaki | Chicken Katsu | Shrimp Tempura | Vegetables Tempura | Gyu-Ni

Rice: Steam Rice or Fried Rice

Sushi Roll: Spicy Tuna or California

Soho Lunch Special Roll Combination

Served With Soup and Salad.

2 Rolls for $10 | 3 Rolls for $13


1. Avocado Roll
2. Avocado and Salmon Roll -
Avocado and salmon rolled with rice outside
3. Avocado and Tuna Roll - Avocado and tuna rolled with rice outside
4. California Roll - Crabstick, Cucumber, and Avocado rolled with rice outside
5. Cucumber Roll -
6. Cucumber and Salmon Roll - Cucumber and salmon rolled with rice outside
7. Cucumber and Tuna Roll - Cucumber and tuna rolled with rice outside
8. Eel and Cucumber Roll - Eel and Cucumber Rolled with rice outside, topped with eel sauce
9. Salmon Roll
10. Shrimp Tempura Roll - Shrimp Tempura, avocado and cucumber, topped with eel sauce
11. Spicy Crab Roll - Crabstick and spicy mayo rolled with rice outside
12. Spicy Salmon Roll - Spicy salmon and spicy mayo rolled with rice outside
13. Spicy Tuna Roll - Tuna and spicy mayo rolled with rice outside
14. Tuna Roll
15. Vegetable Roll - Japanese pickled vegetable, avocado, cucumber, rolled with rice outside

Two Roll Combo$10.00

Three Roll Combo$13.00

Sushi/Sashimi Lunch Combinations

All Sushi And Sashimi Combination Meals Served With Miso Soup And House Salad

Sushi Lunch Deluxe$18.00

10 Pieces Chef's Choice Nigiri Sushi.

Sashimi Lunch$14.00

7 Pieces Chef's Choice Sashimi

Sushi Lunch Regular$14.00

7 Pieces Chef's Choice Nigiri Sushi

Chirashi Lunch$15.00

Assorted Vegetables And Fish Arranged On A Bed Of Sushi Rice

Red Wines

Pinot Noir - Light Bodied

Hob Nob - France Glass $8.00 | Bottle $21.00

Meionmi – Monterrey, Sonoma, Santa Barbara Glass $12.00 | Bottle $36.00

Shiraz - Medium Bodied

Penfolds Koonunga Hill – South Australia Glass $8.00 | Bottle $24.00 

Malbec - Medium Bodied

Catena – Mendoza, Argentina Glass $9.00 | Bottle $33.00

Merlot - Medium Bodied

Clos Du Bois – North Coast Glass $8.00 | Bottle $24.00

Cabernet Sauvignon - Heavy Bodied

Cellar # 8– California Glass $7.00 | Bottle $21.00

Louis M. Martini – Sonoma County Glass $9.00 | Bottle $33.00

Zinfandel - Heavy and Deep Bodied

Tortoise Creek “The Chelonian” - Lodi California Glass $8.00 | Bottle $24.00

Red Blend - Medium Bodied

Black Ink Glass $7.00 | Bottle $21.00 

White Wines

Alternative White

Kinsen Plum Win – Berkeley, California Glass $7.00 | Bottle $21.00 

Pinot Grigio - Crisp, Light Bodied Dry

Bosco Dei Cirmioli Glass $7.00 | Bottle $21.00 

Sauvignon Blanc - Medium Bodied

Oyster Bay – Marlborough New Zealand Glass $8.00 | Bottle $24.00

Chardonnay - Deep Color and Flavor; Rich and Full Bodied

Mark West – Appellation California Glass $8.00 | Bottle $24.00

Kendall Jackson - California Glass $10.00 | Bottle $33.00


Mondavi Moscato – Willow Springs California Glass $7.00 | Bottle $21.00 


Frisk Prickly Riesling – Australia Glass $7.00 | Bottle $21.00 

Domestic Beer


Bud Light$3.75

Coors Light $3.75

Michelob Ultra $3.75

Miller Lite $3.75

Blue Moon$4.75

Samuel Adams “Boston Lager” $5.50


Imported Beer





Stella Artois $5.25

Sapporo Lite - 12 oz$5.25

Sapporo Silver - 22oz.$9.25

Kirin Ichiban - 22oz.$9.25

Asahi “Super Dry” - 22oz.$9.25

Craft Beer

Delirium “Nocturnum” $8.75

Belgian Strong Dark Ale

RhineGeist Cougar$5.75


MadTree Lift$5.75


Ambers and Dark Craft Beer

MadTree Happy Amber$5.75


Fat Tire$5.50

New Belgium

Abita “Turbo Dog”$5.50

Abita Springs, LA

Founders “Dirty Bastard”$5.50

Scotch Ale

Mt. Carmel Nut Brown$5.75


Great Lake Edmund Fitzgeral Porter$5.50


Craft IPAs

Jackie-O's Mystic Mama$6.75



Bell's Two Hearted$6.75


DogFish Head$8.75

90 minute IPA

Rivertown Lil' Sipa$5.75


Session IPA

Mt. Carmel IPA$5.75


Rhinegeist Truth IPA$5.75

Sweet Craft Beer

Crabbies Ginger Beer$7.75


Ciderboys Strawberry Magic$4.75


Fat Head's Bumble Berry$6.75


Angry Orchard$5.50